The Story

A positive personal experience can often spark a powerful idea.

Having been the Chairperson of a charity in the past, I saw first-hand how business coaching could impact the revenues of a charity, and therefore, its ability to give back to the community.

Ever since my involvement in coaching a charity pro bono, I have been exploring the idea of translating my own experience to the coaching community so we can get involved in this process as an organization.

With the increase in the number of charities and the decline in the amount of charitable giving in the current economic climate, I knew there was no better time than the present to roll out this massive program.

Hence, the Coaching for a Cause initiative was born.

Coaching for a Cause is a global program that will help charities from all walks of life increase donations through pro bono coaching using a unique and simple pledge system.

This is one of the most distinctive, innovative programs we have ever developed at ActionCOACH; I know it will also be one of the most effective and highest-profile programs for a number of reasons. First of all, it will enable our coaches to make a contribution to the society by choosing a cause close to their heart.

Secondly, it aligns perfectly with our ActionCOACH philosophy: Don’t give the person a fish; teach them how to fish. Coaching charities and non-profits is far more effective than giving them cash. We will now be able to teach non-profits how to raise donations for their causes.

Last but not the least, our vision of “world abundance through business re-education” can only be accomplished if we help develop every kind of business … and yes, even though many non-profits don’t like to think so, they are a business.

Just like a traditional business, non-profits have customers; they have products and services to offer the market place; they have employees, Board of Directors; financial management and reporting requirements and they have to add value in some way. The main difference is that at year-end, they have to give away the money they make, instead of putting it in an owner’s pocket.

The programs we'll deliver to this sector have been tested and proven in businesses worldwide for 15 years.

My vision for the program is that every one of our coaches be involved in coaching at least one charity of their liking.

I look forward to hearing from your wins and successes, as well as how we can improve this program.

All the best.

Founder and Chairman, ActionCOACH
The overall goals of the program

• At least 100 top coaches participating in the program
• Donating at least 10,000 coaching hours to chosen charities approximately valued at $1.8 million (USD).
• Ultimately raising $5 million in additional donations over the course of the 6-month campaign (October-March)


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